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InductionAir cooktop

The new Siemens inductionAir cooktops open up a new world of possibilities when designing an open plan kitchen. This product combines an induction cooktop and rangehood in one, for ultimate design freedom.

FlexInduction® cooktops

Siemens flexInduction® cooktops can behave as traditional induction cooktops with four or five separate zones. But choose to link the zones together to form one or more rectangular surfaces, and the real magic begins.

freeInduction® cooktops

With a sleek glass surface providing full surface induction, freeInduction® lets you arrange up to four pieces of cookware anywhere you wish.

stepFlame® gas cooktops

stepFlame® technology allows you to select from nine different flame levels to precisely adjust the flame height, giving you consistent and repeatable results every time.

Dishwashers with Zeolith®

Thanks to the Zeolith® technology your dishes are dried especially efficiently. Zeolith is a natural mineral that is capable of absorbing moisture due to its special surface and converting it to thermal energy. The mineral then emits this energy, thus drying your dishes quickly and energy-efficiently.

sensoFresh washing machine

When time is of the essence and looking your best is crucial, sensoFresh will remove bad odours from your clothes without washing – even from sensitive and non-washable fabrics. Ensuring your appearance is always immaculate, in no time.

Siemens customer service

Siemens Service

Discover endless ways to get the most out of your Siemens home appliance through Siemens customer service.

The friendly and expert customer support team in Siemens Service is at your service to meet all your needs – from giving advice about buying a new appliance to troubleshooting.

Siemens Dealer search

Dealer search

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Siemens showrooms

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