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Siemens presents: The new Gas Cooktops with stepFlame Technology.

Precise flame control with 9 levels.

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With the new Siemens Gas Cooktops, conjuring up delicious meals is now easier than ever – thanks to revolutionary stepFlame Technology. It enables you to achieve the precise results you have always dreamt of.

Precise flame control with 9 levels.

With the ground breaking new technology of stepFlame®, the first time you find the ideal setting for your dish, is the last time you’ll need to think about it. stepFlame® technology allows you to select from nine different flame levels to precisely adjust the flame height, giving you consistent and repeatable results every time.

Nine steps to cooking on a higher level.

stepFlame Technology enables you to precisely regulate the flame across nine steps – allowing you to prepare each meal exactly as you like.

Watch our clip to discover more about stepFlame Technology.

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