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Lots of space to enjoy cooking.

With flexInduction Plus you can be totally flexible about where to put your pots and pans.

To all appliances with flexInduction Plus

Even the very best cooktop can be improved.

The new Siemens inductionAir System.

To all inductionAir appliances

Precise flame control with 9 levels.

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Enjoy the cutting edge innovation of full surface induction, begin a new era of gas cooking with pre-set flame levels, or mix and match to create your own bespoke cooking centre. Siemens cooktops are the benchmark in surface cooking.

Induction Highlights


This is cooking with freedom. With 48 interconnected inductors beneath the sleek glass surface providing full surface induction, freeInduction® lets you arrange up to five pieces of cookware anywhere you wish, without the restriction of predefined cooking zones.


Siemens flexInduction® cooktops can behave as traditional induction cooktops with four or five separate zones. But choose to link the zones together to form one or more rectangular surfaces, and the real magic begins.

flexInduction® Plus

Ideal for larger pots and pans, flexInduction® Plus allows large cookware to be positioned horizontally, to achieve full surface contact. It also leaves more room for additional pots and pans towards the front of the cooktop.


Enjoy more freedom in kitchen planning with the new inductionAir system. This space-saving concept combines two extraordinary appliances: a flexInduction cooktop and revolutionary integrated downdraft ventilation.

Gas Highlights

stepFlame® technology

With the ground breaking new technology of stepFlame®, the first time you find the ideal setting for your dish, is the last time you’ll need to think about it. stepFlame® technology allows you to select from nine different flame levels to precisely adjust the flame height, giving you consistent and repeatable results every time.

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