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Zeolith®: Super-efficient drying technology.

Zeolith®: Super-efficient drying technology.

The new brilliantShine system with Zeolith®-Drying. Shiny and perfectly dry glasses directly out of your iQ700 dishwasher

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Zeolith® technology

Zeolith® uses the natural mineral of Zeolite, which has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat. During the drying cycle, water evaporates off dishes and hot, wet air fills the cavity, which is drawn towards the Zeolite chamber. That‘s when these amazing little granules go to work. They absorb the surrounding humidity, and convert it to dry, hot air. Technology inside blows this hot air throughout the dishwasher cavity, providing an unprecedented drying force.

Brilliantly delivers what it promises: the Shine&Dry option.

The Shine&Dry option uses additional rinse water to swill all residues of detergent and also extends the gentle drying phase. This enables a shine you can truly rely on and creates a highlight, whenever you open your dishwasher.

Specialised in gentle cleaning: Glass 40° programme.

The Glass 40° programme is specifically designed to treat delicate glasses the way they deserve to be treated: carefully. It reduces time and temperature of the cleaning cycle and enables shiny results you can rely on.

Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.
Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.

Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.

The Zeolith?Airflow Technology enables an outstandingly efficient air distribution for unique drying results.

Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.
Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.

Welcome to a new era of dishwashing.

The Zeolith?Drying technology transforms humidity into heating energy for gentle and effective drying conditions.

The safe place for long-stemmed wine and champagne glasses: the wine glass tray.

Your wine and champagne glasses are in best hands: the wine glass tray has a special bracket that secures up to four glasses safely and conveniently. The Siemens wine glass tray is recommended by Zwiesel 1872.

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