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Latest Reviews

Designed with a difference

I purchased this dishwasher over all the others I looked at as it is designed differently, in a very nice way. The controls are located in a different position and are easy to see and set without confusing dials and pictures. The door is not flimsy like others, beautiful as it is minimalist and has a strong handle with a nice solid click into place. It has delivered a perfect clean and good drying of my dishes with the included sample of Finish Powerball. And being made in Germany with a rare 5 year warranty I am confident this dishwasher will stand the test of time.

Great features

Easy to use, lots of washing options, dishes and glassware come out sparkling.

Easy to use. Super Quiet and clean washing.

We purchased this machine on Sunday afternoon and E&S Geelong deliveres it Monday. Great service from informative Shane and then installed by their crack delivery team. Machine is like a dream come true. So quiet! Sexy husband did the first loads as I was away and even he loved it.

Great Feature - Active Fry

Wow, the active fry feature of this product is fantastic, didn't think I would use it when I purchased it but now I use it every day, just awesome its ability to keep the temperature at a constant setting rather than exponentially continuing to heat up the pan, works well, even a thick omelette can be cooked without having to finish it off in the oven and sauces can simmer without run-away heat, very nice product, exceeded my expectations

The perfect appliance does exist

We purchased this dryer in conjunction with the WM16Y892AU washing machine, and could not be happier. Both machines are fantastic but this dryer is the best appliance we have ever owned. We have always been heavy dryer users and our old machine was on its last legs, but the difference between a classic dryer and a heat pump dryer is totally worth every cent. We used the condenser draw twice (it collects the moisture that is extracted from the clothes) and had to empty it each time (we could not believe how much water the dryer extracts without shrinking the clothes at all) so we decided to follow the installers advice and plumb the machine instead (best advice). It works like a dream, it's really quiet once it settles/balances the load and it is quicker than I imagined. No more hot and moist laundry for us - and it's a great looking machine to boot.

Life changing machine

We took delivery of this machine four weeks ago and it has actually improved our family life. We have only had top loaders previously and the front loader is much quieter, significantly gentler on clothes, easier to use thanks to the i-dos dispensing and the clothes come out smelling fantastic. (I have not changed my fabric softener, and I'm not sure if it's the i-dos, but the fragrance is actually better and lasts longer - especially in our towels.). We have increased the frequency of our washing because it is so easy to do a load of washing, and no we never run out o socks and undies!
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