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Perfect built-in design - Siemens iQ700 studioLine range

Perfect built-in design.

Introducing the new iQ700 studioLine range of ovens and compact appliances.

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Designed for those who value the ultimate in design, innovation and intelligent features.

For those who are not satisfied with the ordinary and want to turn the everyday into something special, the iQ700 studioLine range inspires with an extraordinary new design.

The new black steel exterior shines with high-quality materials and a reduced appearance. The rotary dial, which is milled from solid stainless steel, is a real attention getter and inspires at every single touch.

Inside, all the latest advances in automation and intelligent cooking technology are delivered in signature Siemens style.

A new definition of beauty. - Siemens StudioLine

iQ700 studioLine ovens, the technology behind the design.

The new iQ700 studioLine full size and compact ovens offer leading edge cooking technology and advanced automation. From integrated microwave technology to advanced steam techniques, the Siemens range offers endless possibilities.

With features such as varioSpeed you can speed up the preparation of dishes by up to 50%. The coolStart function also speeds the cooking of frozen foods - no preheating necessary. Furthermore, intelligent sensor technology such as the baking sensor continuously monitor moisture levels in the oven to control the baking process, and lets you know when you cakes and breads are perfectly done.

Coffee Machine - Siemens StudioLine

The iQ700 studioLine built-in coffee machine.

The finishing touch for your kitchen or dining area, the Siemens coffee machine is the ultimate appliance for coffee lovers and those who like to entertain. The central control dial and TFT full colour display with interactive menu continues the iQ700 studioLine design story, whilst the concealed milk container achieves the classically understated Siemens look.

Warming Drawer - Siemens StudioLine

Siemens iQ700 studioLine warming drawer.

With an adjustable temperature range of 40°C to 80°C, a Siemens warming drawer can warm dinnerware, or it can keep food hot for up to one hour, safely and hygienically. Not only that, but you can use your Siemens warming drawer to prove dough, gently thaw delicate items, to warm food and even gently slow cook. Designed to blend seamlessly with iQ700 studioLine full size and compact ovens, the Siemens warming drawer is 140mm in height, holding up to 12 plates. It’s a must have for the complete kitchen.

Vacuum Drawer - Siemens StudioLine

Prepare and cook food with the most exquisite flavours and delicate textures using the new sous-vide setting and vacuum drawer.

This is achieved by vacuum sealing your ingredients in the Siemens vacuum drawer and leaving them to marinade before cooking gently on an exact low temperature using the sous-vide function in your iQ700 studioLine oven. This unique cooking method ensures that any moisture and flavour is fully absorbed into the food, resulting in a gastronomic fine-dining experience in your own home.

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