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Siemens flexInduction Cooktops.

Free your pans from restrictive cooking zones, with flexInduction®.

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Be as flexible as your life´s versatile. If you want to cook at the highest level, you need certain ingredients. The most important are a feeling for time as well as precision and flexibility. That’s why the Siemens flexInduction cooktops offer all three of these. With these cooktops, you are ready for any situation and can let your creativity reign free whenever you like.

Link your cooking zones together, for more freedom.

Siemens flexInduction® cooktops can behave as traditional induction cooktops with four or five separate zones. But choose to link the zones together to form one or more rectangular surfaces, and the real magic begins. The extended cooking surface can accommodate pans of any size, and even several pans placed anywhere on the surface at the same time.

flexInduction Plus

One thing less to worry about. With flexInduction Plus, your cooktop knows on its own how large your cookware is. If the limits of one cooking zone are exceeded, additional cooking zones are automatically added and the cookware is always evenly heated.

powerMove Plus

powerMove Plus lets you separate your cooktop into three different heating zones. From roasting at highest temperatures in the back to keeping meals warm in the front – the individual zones are activated by simply placing the cookware on them.


Less cooktop operation, more cooking. flexMotion remembers the heat settings for individual pieces of cookware, so you can move them freely across the cooktop – the temperature on the new cooking zone automatically adapts.

Fits into your kitchen. Adapts to your life.

Regardless of how you want to prepare your meals: They will always look good. And with the intuitive dual lightSlider and the convenient TFT-Touchdisplay, you always have your cooktop under control – completely effortlessly.

Taste is a matter of preference.

With the innovative features dual lightSlider and TFT-Touchdisplay, you can get the most out of your Induction Cooktop’s advantages. Define the settings for each individual cooking zone and combine the zones as you like – for example, for cookware of different sizes and various dishes. Enjoy the brilliant design and perfectly prepared meals. Watch our clip to discover more about the design.

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