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How to identify faults and solve small problems with your appliances

Assistance and support for your appliances

Siemens Service provides possibilties to get answers to your questions and to solve minor problems on your own or info on how to Siemens Service help.

Check out our FAQs by selecting the concerned appliance category. Use the Siemens Online Assistent to identify the faults step-by-step and get support for your appliance based on the appliance data by starting with the model number (E-Nr) of your Siemens home appliance.

An Error-Code appears on the display of your appliance? Select "Error Codes in display" to browse the list of Error Codes and the corresponding hints and solutions.

Please select your entry point to the Siemens Online Service center

Check out the fault diagnosis to solve your issue with your appliance

To start the problem solving search please identify your appliance and type in the model number (E-Nr) of your appliance. The model number (E-Nr) is shown on the type plate of your home appliance.

Please enter E-Number
Please review the input data.
Please check your email address.
E-Number not valid.

ID your Siemens appliance

The model number (E-Nr) is shown on the type plate of your appliance. On the right side you can see the type plate and the position of the E-Nr. If you don't know where to find the type plate on or in your appliance please check the appliance identification help on this page.

How to identify my Siemens appliance? Where do I find the type plate?