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Lots of space to enjoy cooking.

With flexInduction Plus you can be totally flexible about where to put your pots and pans.

To all appliances with flexInduction Plus

Even the very best cooktop can be improved.

The new Siemens inductionAir System.

To all inductionAir appliances

Precise flame control with 9 levels.

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Enjoy the cutting edge innovation of full surface induction, begin a new era of gas cooking with pre-set flame levels, or mix and match to create your own bespoke cooking centre. Siemens cooktops are the benchmark in surface cooking.

Siemens inductionAir innovation

The inductionAir system

The principle of drawing down steam is amazing in itself, but that’s not all. The new integrated ventilation has features that make it more efficient and convenient to use – every time. The inductionAir System is just the beginning of endless possibilities.

The flexInduction cooktop

More flexibility when cooking. Cooking zones can be adapted to different needs. Connect two separate cooking zones to form one large cooking zone. The cooking adjust to suit both: the number and size of your pots. With the flexInduction cooktop you can let your culinary imagination run wild.

Zone-free cooking with freeInduction

freeInduction: One hob, total freedom.

Cooking becomes even more flexible: with Siemens freeInduction you can place your cookware anywhere on the cooktop. The induction hob automatically detects the number, size and position of the cookware and activates the relevant cooking zones.

Control the freeInduction hob with the TFT Touchdisplay. It monitors how the hob is used in high resolution and in colour.

Innovation at your fingertips: the TFT Touchdisplay.

With the new TFT Touchdisplay it’s even easier for you to keep an eye on several pots and pans at once. Operating all the cooktop’s functions is intuitive – no need to turn a dial.

dual lightSlider

The new dual lightSlider makes it easy to select and connect the cooking zones on the iQ700 Induction Cooktops via one neatly arranged interface. And when switched off, it is completely invisible.

Design that transcends the ordinary and inspires the future.

The perfect example of understated yet bold, Siemens design goes beyond everyday functionality – it inspires a new way of living. Its clear design language follows through on every line, creating a seamlessly elegant and sophisticated appeal. Designed for your home, created for your life.

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Siemens customer service

Siemens Service

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The friendly and expert customer support team in Siemens Service is at your service to meet all your needs – from giving advice about buying a new appliance to troubleshooting.

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