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Contemporary kitchen styles around the globe.

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Inspiration from a number of countries create our modern kitchen designs. We rely on a refined combination of advanced materials, clear designs and an effortless clarity. This comes together through a consistent use of geometric shapes and an appreciation of timeless moments, with an overarching focus on creating incredible, modern kitchen spaces.

We know that, in the future, living areas, shelves and kitchens will come from specific furniture design concepts. Appliances are connected; they will be hidden behind façades or openly presented as confident statement pieces as a matter of course. Kitchen islands, for example, create a kind of space within a space. In essence, it challenges the very notion of exactly what a kitchen is.

Industrial-style chic.

An industrial design space can open up our senses to the appeals of a raw, minimalist design ethos that makes great use of exposed finishes and a building’s structural elements. Clean lines, grey concrete, metal girders, and red-brick and other rough interior wall façades take centre stage, often with an unfinished and unfussy look.

Often located in old industrial buildings, transformed into loft-style apartments, but also spaces within large homes, they have an instant edginess. This edginess, when done well, is invariably accompanied by sofas and other furniture, lending pure industrial designs a more homely, welcoming aura.

Purist inspiration from Japan.

In contrast to traditions from the US and UK, influences from Japan appeal particularly to the purist. The heart of the house relies on the Shibui principle, an aesthetic concept that places minimalism and a subtle beauty at its centre. There are no garish colours, but instead soft, understated tones mixed with natural materials, which come together in simple shapes and pared-down designs. Woods, stones and ceramics are favoured, while sliding doors are both traditional and space-saving, accentuating the notion that less is more. It manifests the appearance of a peaceful, quiet world without too much exuberance.

The trend for modern Scandinavian comfort.

The Japanese philosophy of unobtrusiveness has similar architectural and design qualities to those so admired in Scandinavian creative impulses. At the moment, concrete is popular for flooring and work surfaces, which provides for a so-called Nordic clarity, often in combination with light woods. For all this straightforwardness, however, accessories play a central role in Scandinavian kitchens. “Hygge”, the Danish feeling of comfort, is today seen as a trend in living spaces.

Denmark has a famous modern history of forging ahead in kitchen designs. Indeed, as early as 1951, the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen created his renowned Ant chair for a pharmaceutical firm’s canteen, not to mention his outstanding tableware and cutlery. The current trend towards metallic materials, and above all copper, owes its origins to Scandinavian designs, while also reflecting the industrial design style.

Internationalisation as appliance inspiration.

The internationalisation of designs and the numerous crossovers from supremely talented kitchen designers across the world is changing contemporary notions of what a kitchen space is and how it functions. Our kitchen appliances are inspiring in their designs and in their functionality. Cooking islands are talking points in uplifting kitchen spaces, with connected ovens and hobs providing plenty of motivation to come up with creative dishes. Siemens American side-by-side-style fridge-freezers will always catch the eye, no matter whether you go for the cool unobtrusiveness of a built-in model or a proudly freestanding variety.

Inspired by long-standing, intelligent international creations, Siemens appliances, with their contemporary designs and cutting-edge innovations, enhance any kitchen space.

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