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Integrated built-in hoods

Fresh air in style with the iQ700 extractor hood

Style and top performance: The iQ700 hoods

The air in your kitchen stays clean and fresh – all the time.

In a flat panel, hidden behind a cabinet or telescoped away, the integrated hood discreetly but powerfully whisks away odours.

Only there when you need them, telescopic hoods

Telescopic hoods

Siemens compact telescopic hoods are nearly invisible, but keep the kitchen air fresh and clean. They disappear almost entirely in an upper cabinet, while leaving space for other things like a spice rack. When you're ready to cook, just pull the hood out – it's ready to whisk fumes and odours away.The grease filters in these innovative hoods are easy to clean in the dishwasher. They offer three different power levels, some models additionally feature an intensive mode for even more freshness. Siemens telescopic hoods come in 60 and 90 cm widths.

Canopy hoods

So discreet, yet so powerful – canopy hoods fit into a flat panel above your hob, for example in an upper cabinet or wall element. The bottom of the module fits flush with the panelling. That way it's well-nigh invisible, yet ready to do some hard work with its extraction rate of up to 650 m3 per hour, to dependably clear the air in your kitchen. Siemens offers canopy hoods in 53 and 73 cm widths.

Integrated hoods

Integrated extractor hoods from Siemens go perfectly with your kitchen cabinets and create a harmonious overall impression. They fit discreetly in the units above the hob, and are elegantly faced with the same panelling as your cabinets. When you're cooking, simply pull out the hood and it whisks fumes and odours out of your kitchen.

Siemens offers integrated cooker hoods in a standard width of 60 cm. They fit perfectly between two wall-mounted units.

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