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iQ300 Ceramic cooktop 60 cm Black ET651BF17E


Recommended retail price

The modern glass ceramic cooktop for more cooking pleasure and less cleaning effort.



Greater cooking convenience thanks to the timer function.

Timer with cooking zone shut-off function

The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires.

digital display

Modern operating convenience thanks to a digital display.

For greater flexibility during cooking: the 21-cm two-ring cooking zone.

Because you can select the cooking zone diameter to match the size of your pot, the two-ring cooking zones make cooking flexible and save energy. They are easy to switch using the sensor button.

Eliminate unwanted use: the childproof lock.

With the childproof lock button, you can quickly and easily protect each induction cooktop against unauthorised operation. The childproof lock blocks all the cooktop's functions at the touch of a button. Locking is cleared by pressing the button again and holding down for a few seconds.

touchControl: Full oversight. Full control.

The delightful TFT touch-screen interface detects the size, shape and position of each piece of cookware, displaying the cooking status and relevant program information throughout the entire process. When you move each piece around, the new location of the pan is captured on the display, carrying with it all of the power and timer settings you’ve associated with each pan. At a single touch, you can choose to retain the existing settings, or change them as you require.

Technical Specifications

  • 3 sided bevelled frameless finish
  • 4 zone ceramic cooktop
  • 1 dual circuit cooking zone
  • Electronic TouchSelect +/- controls
Comfort & Convenience
  • LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones
  • ReStart - Quickly reinstates previous settings
Safety and Environment
  • 2-stage (h/H) digital residual heat indicator for each cooking zone
  • childproof lock
  • Automatic safety switch-off
Size & Power
  • 17 power levels for each cooking zone
  • Cooking zone front left: Standard cooking zone
    - 145 mm
    - 1.2 KW
    Cooking zone rear left: Standard cooking zone
    - 180 mm
    - 2 KW
    Cooking zone front right: Dual circuit zone
    - 120 mm, 210 mm
    - 0.75 KW, 2.2 KW
    Cooking zone rear right: Standard cooking zone
    - 145 mm
    - 1.2 KW
  • 6.6 kW total connected load
Dimensions (WxD)
  • 60 cm width
  • Installation measurements: 560 mm x 490 mm
  • Min. worktop thickness: 20 mm
More Info
Energy input Electric
Controls EasyTouch (Timer), front
Safety device childproof lock, Safety time-switch-off
Highlights 17 power levels, Touch Control
Energy consumption of hob 189.9 Wh/kg
Construction type
Color of surface Black
Construction type Built-in
Number of electric plates 0
Number of cooking zones 4
Type of frame U-form bevel
Number of gas burners 0
Number of halogen plates 0
Installation type Built-in
Total number of positions that can be used at the same time 4
Number of radiant plates 4
Number of electric warming zones 0
Size and weight
Dimensions of the product (mm) 45 x 592 x 522 mm
Net weight (kg) 7.460 kg
Cooking zone 1
Dimension of heating element (mm) 145 mm
Location of 1st heating element front left
Power of heating element (kW) 1.2 kW
Type of heating element Radiant heating
Cooking zone 2
Location of 2nd heating element center left
Cooking zone 3
Dimension of 3rd heating element (mm) 180 mm
Location of 3rd heating element back left
Power of 3rd heating element (kW) 2 kW
Type of 3rd heating element Radiant heating
Cooking zone 4
Location of 4th heating element middle back
Cooking zone 5
Dimension of 5th heating element (mm) 145 mm
Location of 5th heating element back right
Power of 5th heating element (kW) 1.2 kW
Type of 5th heating element Radiant heating
Cooking zone 6
Location of 6th heating element center right
Cooking zone 7
Dimension of 7th heating element (mm) 120 ; 210 mm
Location of 7th heating element front right
Power of 7th heating element (kW) 0.75 ; 2.2 kW
Type of 7th heating element Radiant heating
Cooking zone 8
Location of 8th heating element front middle / central
Cooking zone 9
Location of 9th heating element front centre/cent
Power on indicator
Residual heat indicator Separate
Safety device childproof lock, Safety time-switch-off
Main on/off switch
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 100 cm
Electrical connection rating (W) 6,600 W
Energy input Electric
Frequency (Hz) 50; 60 Hz


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