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The new Siemens Showroom opens its doors in Shanghai.

Siemens home appliances - showroom experience
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Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you live, love and can simply be, you. It is where you escape a busy day out there, to relax in here. Through unmatched technical innovation and design, Siemens Home Appliances create a home where your time is truly yours. Experience the Siemens “home” for yourself in the new Siemens Brand Shop in Shanghai, based on the newly developed global Siemens Showroom concept.

Intelligent technology for professional laundry care

Wearing innovation.

Siemens laundry care appliances have not only been designed to ensure maximum comfort and unmatched performance to make your life easier; it’s designed to make it more beautiful too. Unparalleled aesthetic design, state-of-the-art technology and comfortable ease-of-use go hand in hand when it comes to Siemens washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers.

Siemens iQ700 washing machines

Laundry care has never looked this good.

The Siemens iQ700 washing machine – time for a new era in laundry care. One that is not only about the functionality of the appliance, but about the aesthetic too. These two elements make for a powerful duo, especially when both functionality – due to breakthrough technologies – and aesthetic, is unparalleled.

Experience design and functions of Siemens laundry appliances

Make the experience your own.

The Siemens Showroom is the perfect catwalk for the exquisitely designed Siemens laundry appliances. Come and experience the array of ingenious functions and design for yourself.

Join the unique showroom experience
Siemens customer service

Siemens Service

Discover endless ways to get the most out of your Siemens home appliance through Siemens customer service.

The friendly and expert customer support team in Siemens Service is at your service to meet all your needs – from giving advice about buying a new appliance to troubleshooting.

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