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i-Dos: Perfect dosing for the next 26 washes

Saving you time and guesswork, the i-Dos technology allows you to simply place your clothes in the drum, select your desired program and relax. Siemens i-Dos automatically decides how much liquid detergent and softener your wash needs – down to the last millilitre. It then dispenses a precise dose to each load of washing, automatically adjusting for load size, soiling and fabric type. And if required, it will add extra detergent in millilitre increments during the wash cycle. The two compartments hold enough liquid detergent and fabric softener so that you get up to 26 washes from every litre of liquid detergent*.

* Based on 1 Cap (50ml) for a normal load.

sensoFresh: Remove odours from sensitive and non-washable fabrics at home

If you enjoy living life to the full, your clothes will accumulate odours no matter what you do. For sensitive and nonwashable fabrics that are high on your rotation, that can be a problem. With sensoFresh powered by active oxygen you can now remove odours from your clothes at home without the necessity of washing - perfect for non-washable clothes like suits and delicate items#. You can now have your favourite items at your disposal at any time within 30-45 minutes.

autoStain: Automatic stain removal, minimises pre-treatment required.

Get rid of 16 of the most common stains with the push of a button, and minimise the need for chemicals and manual pretreatments.Whether it‘s tomato, grass, or red wine, autoStain knows exactly how to treat it. Using the temperature sensor, flow sensor and load sensor, autoStain will create the perfect balance between drum action, water level, water temperature and wash time to tailor a wash that attacks the stain you have selected.

The quiet, efficient performer: iQdrive

With its own 10 year guarantee, the Siemens iQdrive is a highperformance magnetic motor that is the most economical, durable, and fastest ever built by Siemens. The brushless motor is remarkably quiet, placing the Siemens iSensoric range amongst the quietest washing machines available - and it remains cool, eliminating energy loss and faults caused by frictional heat. High precision electronics also control the overall temperature profile of the machine, protecting its energy efficiency.

Save time or save energy – varioPerfect lets you choose

varioPerfect allows the setting of certain washes to be changed according to what is most important to you, time or energy. Decreasing a washing machine’s cycle time by up to 65%,* speedPerfect is ideal for getting through your laundry quickly without compromising on quality or cleanliness, whilst ecoPerfect lengthens the time of a cycle by reducing the machine’s energy output by up to 50%.#

# EU Label standard cottons 60°C program with ecoPerfect option.

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