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View all Siemens Dryers
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Never clean a condenser again. The automatic self-cleaning system.

Simply unique: Thanks to the innovative sensor-controlled automatic self-cleaning system, there is no more time-consuming cleaning of the condenser. During each drying cycle, the condenser is cleaned with condensation water produced by the laundry – automatically, thoroughly and even several times. This function ensures a lint-free condenser and thus constantly low energy consumption – for the life of your dryer.

autoDry: Your dryer makes the decision

Achieving a perfect dry is an advanced science, mastered by autoDry and powered by iSensoric. autoDry works by emitting a current through the load, and using a conductance sensor to monitor the level of conductivity (less current equals dryer clothes). By constantly collecting information about how wet the laundry is, autoDry will automatically adjust its settings. When the clothes are perfectly dry, iSensoric knows.

activeAir Technology: A giant leap in efficiency

Achieving up to an 8-star energy rating, Siemens activeAir heat pump dryers are condenser dryers equipped with technology to continually re-use the heat energy it generates, rather than discharge it into the environment. This makes it remarkably efficient. Powered by iSensoric, advanced temperature sensors monitor the entire process to guarantee the highest performance and best results.

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