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Steam Ovens

Perfectly cooked vegetables

Your vegetables keep their vitamins and taste with fullSteam.

All appliances with fullSteam
 Steam ovens for healthy cooking

Liven up your kitchen, and your menu.

Keep the vitamins in your food. With Siemens steamers and combi-steam ovens.

Cook with steam, bake and roast with hot air, or do both with Siemens steam ovens . The innovative combination of steam and hot air makes them ideal not only for meat, fish and vegetables, but also for bread, cake and roasts. Siemens steam ovens are the healthy alternative to conventional ovens. Steaming retains the flavour, vitamins and nutrients in food. It's practical too – people who want to eat right, but don't have a lot of time to cook can freshen up pre-prepared dishes easily with Siemens combi-steam ovens and steamers. Vegetables warm up quickly with steam, while staying crispy and delicious.

The easy, healthier alternative: fullSteam

A healthy alternative to cooking with fats and oils, fullSteam enables you to cook with 100% steam, ensuring all the flavour, moisture and goodness in your food is retained. It is also perfect for reheating and regenerating food without losing colour or nutrition.

Advanced steam techniques at home: pulseSteam

When food needs browning or crisping, the injection of steam alongside traditional cooking is the technique of choice for the most desirable results. With pulseSteam, you can prepare perfectly crispy and juicy dishes that take home cooking to a new level, whilst the full-size cavity options give you more space to create.

Simply fast. With varioSpeed and coolStart.

100% flavour and up to 50% time savings. With varioSpeed and coolStart it's easy to be twice as fast - pressing a button is all it takes. The integrated microwave helps with more than just thawing and warming. By adding microwave heat to the selected heat type, it reduces the preparation time of all your dishes in the oven. With full flavour. The coolStart function also speeds the cooking of frozen foods - no preheating necessary. That saves time and valuable energy.

Achieve the best roasting results: roastingSensor Plus

Thanks to three measuring points, the innovative roasting thermometer precisely monitors the internal temperature of your dishes. Use it in combination with the microwave or pulseSteam function, and you’ll be producing meat and fish dishes like never before.

Know when your cake is perfectly baked: bakingSensor

All that’s left for you to do when baking is insert your finished ingredients, select the dish type and let the bakingSensor do the rest. Innovative sensor technology controls the baking process by monitoring moisture levels in the oven, and lets you know when your dish is ready.

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